Welcome to Jagger Moon Fan, also known as JaggerMoon.net! We are the first and largest fan site on the talented singer/dancer/actor, Jagger Ray Moon. You probably know Jagger as 1/5 of the boy band Full Circle. We are here to show our support to Jagger and his career as well as keep other fans updated on the latest photos and news.
Site History

Jagger Moon Fan (JaggerMoon.net) opened on November 11, 2022 which also happened to be the same day that Full Circle released “Dangerous“! I am a huge fan of Jagger’s and wanted to support him and his career.

If you have a question not answered, feel free to contact us.

Q: Are you Jagger’s official site?
A: No. We are just a fan site. You can visit Jagger’s official website here.

Q: Why did you decide to do a fansite on Jagger?
A: Why not? I’m a huge fan of his, and think he’s super talented and also super down to earth. If anyone deserves a fansite, it’s him.

Q: Does Jagger know about this site?
A: Yes! He knows about the site and said he thinks it’s awesome 🙂

Q: Can you get me a autograph?
A: No, sorry I can’t. I am just a fan like you.

Q: Do you have Jagger’s number?
A: No, and even if I did I would never give it out. Respect his privacy.

Q: Do you make money running this site?
A: No! We are completely non-profit, and I make no money from this site. I actually spend money to run this site. haha